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Welcome! Skokie Wildlife Removal is a full-service pest control company specializing only in the removal of nuisance animals in Skokie, Illinois. Whether you have a problem with squirrels in the attic, a raccoon in your garbage, skunks under your shed, rats or mice in your house, a snake in your yard, or a problem with birds or bats, we can solve it! We are fully trained and know everything about the wildlife of Illinois. We answer our phone 24/7, and can schedule a same-day or next day appointment. Call us at 847-973-5385 and see why we are voted Skokie's best animal removal company! Some of the services we offer include:

  • Humane Animal Trapping & Relocation
  • Home, Roof, and Attic Inspections
  • Preventative and Animal Damage Repairs
  • Attic Cleanup, Feces Cleanup, Odor Control
  • Skokie, IL Snake Removal
  • Poison-free Rat & Mouse Control - Permanent
  • Bat Removal and Bird Control
  • Dead Animal Carcass Removal

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Skokie trapping If you want to hire the best wild animal control service provider you can find in your area, it is important to know what makes them great. One of the easiest ways to measure whether the wildlife control company you hire is perfect for you or not is to look at how much you have to spend to get results. It is important to put the cost in perspective. This is not just about how much the company charges you but how much you have to pay for all the addendum services that come with getting rid of the animals. The most effective services are comprehensive in that they ensure the customer does not have to worry about wild animals getting into unwanted places in their home ever again. And the way they achieve this is to help them with barriers that work and that last. In our company, we don’t just aim to give the customer the lowest bill, we also ensure the customer does not have to keep spending on the same problem. This is how we deliver the highest value for money. With some other providers, customers have to spend extra to keep the animals out and at the end of the day, the barriers put in place don’t work. Using our services gives you a comprehensive cover that works.

What Prices Do We Charge?

Every wildlife situation is different: What type of animals? do you need trapping, prevention, repairs, cleanup? Call us and we can give pricing for your situation.

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Skokie trapping

We are experts in the wild animals of Illinois. We treat these animals with respect, in a humane manner. We are not a typical Skokie exterminator company. We focus on complete solutions, and have experience with every type of unwanted critter in Skokie, IL. Example animals we handle include:

  • Skokie animals in the attic like squirrels
  • Skokie rodent extermination - no poisons
  • Skokie bat removal and Skokie bird control
  • Skokie snake removal, Skokie dead animal removal

Skokie wildlife control Tip of the Month:

Different kinds of equipment are used in trapping different kinds of wild animals. Also, the type of wildlife problem being handled determines what kind of equipment will be used for trapping. For instance, if you have an animal stuck in a wall gap, one sure way to extract it is to reach down from the top (from within the attic). Alternatively, you can choose to cut a square patch of the wall out, extract the animal, and then fix the wall. This method is mostly used in situations where tiny animals are stuck in wall cavities that are not accessible from the attic or any other place. However, if you can reach the animal from above, using a snare pole will make the job a lot easier. This type of equipment comes in handy when you have an animal stuck in the chimney that you can’t reach from the base. A snare pole can be used to remove bigger animals. However, you must learn how to use the equipment properly. The snare loop should catch the wild animal around the neck and beneath one arm, not only around the neck. If the loop grabs the animal on the neck only, it may become too tight and injure or kill the animal. You should do everything you can to remove wild animals safely.

As stated earlier, different animals need different trapping equipment. The best equipment you can use for rats and mice are rat and mouse traps. Most homeowners use poison when trying to get rid of rats in the home, but it is not advisable to do that. While poisons usually get the job done, they end up creating another problem in the home – you’ll spend the next few months carving out different parts of the drywall in your home and searching for the source of a very offensive dead-rodent smell. Rodenticides do not kill the animal immediately. After eating the poison, the rodent still has enough time to move around, return to its nest, and then die. That’s exactly how rodenticides work. Now the problem is that you may not know where the animal’s nest is located. So when it dies, you’ll have to search rigorously for its carcass, just with the help of your nose. That can be quite a hard task.

Another type of trapping equipment that works effectively is the one-way door and exclusion device. These kinds of traps don’t harm or kill the animal, they just exclude the animal from your home in a safe and natural way. They can be used to remove bats from the attic. Here’s how to use the equipment: Close every hole and entry point, except one – the primary hole. Then mount the one-way exclusion door on the uncovered hole/entry point. That way, the bats can leave the attic but not re-enter. Once you’re certain that all the bats have left, cover the last hole tightly, and uninstall the one-way exclusion door. One-way exclusion devices can also help to evict other small animals. You can fasten them to traps and place them on the side of your home or roof. This works perfectly for rodents and other tiny animals that live in the roof or attic.

If you want to capture a wild animal, you’ll need more than just traps. For instance, if you’re going into the attic or roof, you’ll need to have a flashlight, ladder, and a friend or family member who will help you hold the ladder while you climb up.

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We service local towns such as Wilmette, Golf, Niles, Park Ridge, Northfield. If in doubt about our service range near Skokie, or the wildlife services we offer, give us call at 847-973-5385. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your Skokie pest control critter problem!